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Nestled amidst the serene landscape of Darjeeling hills, Yule Tea Retreat offers an unforgettable experience in luxurious accommodations, surrounded by lush tea gardens. Discover the rich heritage of the estate while indulging in our array of tea tour experiences.
Explore the picturesque tea gardens, observe the tea-making process in our factory, and delight in various activities such as picnics, interaction with garden workers, wildlife safaris, and more. Find your tranquility in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas.
Mim Tea Estate
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The Yule Tea Retreat team is here to answer all your queries and make your stay a memorable one. Check out our FAQs to know more about our Darjeeling Tea Estate Hotel.
  • What is the location and accessibility?
    Yule Tea Retreat is located in Mim Tea Garden in Darjeeling hills, perched on a hillslope at over 4500 feet. It is approximately 85 kilometers from Bagdogra Airport, offering excellent views of the Rangeet River Valleys and the Kunchenjungha Massif.
  • What meal options are available at Yule Tea Retreat?
    The in-house chef at Yule Tea Retreat prepares a variety of cuisine, including North/South Indian, Continental, American, and Chinese food. The focus is on using the best-quality ingredients under hygienic conditions to cater to guests' preferences.
  • Are there any special packages for couples or groups?
    Yes, Yule Tea Retreat offers customized packages for honeymooners and groups, ensuring a memorable experience with activities such as village hikes, cultural programs, cooking classes, hosted lunches, and more. The team at Yule Tea Retreat is dedicated to creating unique romantic getaways for honeymooners and ensuring a memorable group experience for all guests.

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Yule Tea Retreat is not a hotel, it is a world, you experience. Check out what our patrons have to say about our grand Darjeeling Tea Estate Hotel.
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